Our Services

Reena Borewells drills with high power 4½", 5", 6½" ,7" & 8½"  rigs. We offer Hand Bore, Compressor Bore, Rotary Drills, Tubewells ,Earth Point and installation of pump sets. All types of borewell drilling for Domestic & Industrial purpose, earth points, Site chosen by scientific method, Compressor hiring & borewell flushing/servicing etc. Earth Point is done up to 4" to 15". We are the only Highly professional Borewell Drillers in Kerala since 1990 with latest High Pressure Rigs suitable for all conditions. We assure you timely service round the clock. Our service are backed by committed and dedicated  staffs, who are being updated with all latest  technologies.

  • Compressor Borewell Drilling
  • Hand Bore / Manual Drilling
  • Tubewell Drilling
  • Calix / Rotary Drilling
  • Borewell Flushing/ Cleaning
  • Rig Supply (For other Contractors)
  • Experienced Water Surveyors


Our services also includes helping you out for good Water Surveyors, Installation of Perfect Pumps by our experienced Plumbers. we are  associated with the various types and diameter of  borewell / tubewell / hand bore  drilling and rig supply in borewell industry of South India for over 18 years. We supply all our rigs and modern drilling and survey equipments to all other drillers/contractors who work in Kerala at affordable rates. We also take up annual maintenance contract.


Compressor Bore  Vehicles used for Drilling Rock 6½", 7", 8", 10" Dia


Compressor Borewell Drilling :

Offering authentic services for borewell drilling, thus meeting the varied needs of industrial, commercial, agricultural, construction and municipal applications. The services are available in bench, pillar and gang type.



Hand Bore / Manual Drilling :

Filterpoint Wells, Hand bore wells, Calyx wells and Rotary Wells are diffent types of Tube wells. Filterpoint Wells are done in the costal areas ranging from 10 ft – 40 ft. Hand bore are manually drilled tube well which may range from 20 – 200 ft. in depth and 4”- 8” in diameter