Compressor Bore

Borewell Drilling :

Offering authentic services for borewell drilling, thus meeting the varied needs of industrial, commercial, agricultural, construction and municipal applications. The services are available in bench, pillar and gang type.



6.5" Dia Compressor Borewell Machine               Borewell Drilling Inside normal well

The  wide range of service operations such as:
  • Borewell Drilling
  • Tubewell Drilling
  • Ground Water Exploration
  • Earth Pits
We are one of the leading Borewell Service Providers offering Borewell drilling in kerala which has a  wide rage, 61/2" to 12"  diameter drillng capacity into the earth for retrieving water. A borewell is cased in the region of loose subsoil strata open in hard rock. We offer various depth of borewell, which can vary from 100 feet to 3000* feet. Amazing techniques using air compressors and pneumatic drilling equiptments are used to drill borewells upto 4000 feet. These borewells can be used  for various purposes like residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural purpose etc.
Borewell Drilling can be done at a diameter of  4”, 6” and 6 ½” (Surface & Insidewell), Drilling & Blasting purpose, Earthing - Holes also called as Earth Pits. Borewells with certain diamener is also used for rain water harvesting which is a popular method now a days.

Tubewell Drilling :

We offer services for tubewell drilling with our capacity of drilled water well up to a maximum of 27 inches in diameter, and up to 600 feet depth. We had successfully done many works on some of the most difficult underground formations inside Kerala, we have executed the works in maximum capacity at most of the areas. We are using 550 CFM at 600 PSI, compressor, in tube well industry for quick and effective development of tube wells of depth up to 1500 ft. by direct lowering of air line. In addition the tube wells are developed by submersible pumps to make the discharge silt free. Step draw down test is conducted to determine operational discharge and well efficiency.


surface drill


4.5" Dia Surface Drilling          6.5" Dia Surface Drilling Tube well with Hand Pump